A light yogurt-peach dessert

For 6 large portions we need:

half a kilo of cottage cheese from a bucket
half natural yogurt
half a vanilla pod (or vanilla essence)
4-5 teaspoons of gelatin
a cup of hot water (about 100 ml)
can of fruit in syrup (I fell on peaches)
half a teaspoon of ginger powder

We start with the preparation of cheese mass, because it needs a moment in the fridge. In a bowl, I mix cottage cheese, yogurt, vanilla beans and syrup in which the fruit floated. (I know that this is not entirely a dietary ingredient, but due to the high sugar content I no longer sweeten the weight)

I dissolve gelatin in a cup of hot water, stir until it is completely dissolved and add to the cottage cheese mass. I mix everything, pour it into the cups and leave it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

During this time I deal with peaches. I put away one half, which I will later use for decoration. I mix the rest with ginger. (For laziness I usually do it in a can of fruit :))

I put about 2 tablespoons of fruit mousse on the cut mass. I decorate with a cheese blot, a few slices of peach and mint leaves. But if you are impatient gourmands, you can skip this stage :)

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