Unknown uses of ordinary products

A handful of home tips that will be useful in an emergency - Joe Monster

Turmeric as a dressing
Turmeric is considered the best natural remedy for all types of damage, such as scratches, abrasions, cuts and deep wounds. It has anti-inflammatory effect and helps clean the wound.

Toothpaste for burns
Light burns occur quite often, but not everyone knows that after placing the burned place immediately under cold water, it is also good to apply white toothpaste to this place. The paste will relieve pain and give you a feeling of cooling.

Vodka will speed healing
A lot of people get herpes and it takes time, which we often lack. That's when we can use vodka for herpes. Fire water will dry our skin enemy and accelerate the healing process.

Powdered milk for make-up removal
If you do not have make-up remover wipes at home, and the water and soap do not harmonize well with your skin, then it is a good idea to mix the milk powder with water and use it to effectively and quickly remove makeup.

For sweating - disinfection
If you sweat a lot and antiperspirants stop working, then it is a good idea to apply sweat cream with hand disinfectant. Antibacterial formula will kill some bacteria that are responsible for an unpleasant smell when sweating.

An apple for a bad breath
Pectins contained in apple will help to eliminate bad breath.

The mouthwash covers bruises
Alcohol contained in the mouthwash will help prevent the intensity of the bruise. It is true that the bruise will not disappear completely, but thanks to rubbing the liquid in the blue, the black, blue, purple or green bruise will disappear and in the worst case it will become paler and less visible.

Pineapple for prints
The enzymes contained in pineapple are perfect for softening dead skin, which is why pineapple is one of the best products for peeling.

For a sliver - glue
A splinter is a small but very annoying thing that is hard to get rid of. If we don't have anyone to help us and our patience is slowly running out, all we have to do is apply a small amount of glue to the end of the splinters and wait for it to soak up. After a while, we remove the splinter together with the solidified glue, slowly "peel" the splinter from the glue, and it should come out with it. It is easier to remove the adhesive layer from your finger than just a tiny splinter.

Eye drops good for pimples

A temporary remedy for red and annoying pimples can be eye drops (especially those for red eyes). A few drops on the pimple will change its appearance and make it not so noticeable.

Shaving butter
If we run out of shaving cream and we immediately need to remove the hairy coating from our face, we can use butter as a replacement for shaving cream. The right consistency and amount of butter will moisturize the skin and make it easier to glide over the skin.

Arrangement for damaged hair
There is a lot of fun at the pool, but there are also some drawbacks to it. When, after the next visit, pool chlorine begins to change the color of our hair, we can deal with it with orangeade powder. If our hair is damaged and the conditioner has just run out, a good way to regenerate our hair is to add the orangeade powder to the shampoo. With this lemonade flavor shampoo, wash your hair and rinse it, and our hair will regain its strength.

Oatmeal for a rash
Colloidal oat flakes or colloidal oatmeal with finely ground oat is also a perfect help for the face on which the rash showed. Just mix the flakes with water and apply the consistency on your face like a mask. Itching will subside quickly.

Indigestion fluid as a face mask
Fluid that is good for indigestion, heartburn and nausea should be used as a mask when we have problems with the skin of the face. This liquid will refresh and regenerate our face.

Ointment for cracked warts serves the lips
The ointment, which is mainly intended for women who are breastfeeding, for cracked nipples, works great as a cream for dry lips. Just before going to bed rub the ointment into the lips, and the next morning wipe off excess product. The lips will be moisturized and healed.

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